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Alpha Positions

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Alpha Positions Empty Alpha Positions

Post by Shadowking272 Mon Jun 24, 2013 5:50 am

I created the Alpha System to help enforce order in the situation of a defense against hostilities. I am only releasing this publicly on this forum, as who knows what kind of stuff other groups could steal from this- it is fairly simple.
I, or perhaps a legendary tribute, shall yell out "Alpha Positions!" and each soldier shall go to their assigned placement- the fort gate, ways into our fort, the courtyard, the rocks, the main Control Point. If one post is in chaos or is breached, they are permitted to shout "Support!" and extra reinforcements shall assist the distressed(me, extra at the control point).
If the raiders manage the reach and capture the flag, or it isn't working well, then me, or even maybe a legendary, will yell out "Cancel Alpha!" and every single person assigned to their post is to head to the proper destination, the control point. To completely abandon this system, me or even the legendary will shout "Scatter!" and everyone will flow as in a usual defense, killing raiders, guarding the flag.
Individually assigned, this should also help deplete the morale of the opponent, "Oh how disciplined and unified they are!" Our motto is dedication,survival,unity, and let's help improve our already fantastic unity. Any more questions or comments? Contact me by private messaging me or posting on the wall!

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