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The Red Cobras have been chosen!

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The Red Cobras have been chosen! Empty The Red Cobras have been chosen!

Post by Shadowking272 on Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:31 pm

These sixteen individuals have been selected to participate as a Red Cobra. They have been divvied up into four elite squads, each led by its own squad leader, who will direct his or her squad during a battle. The following are in:
Squad one:
Led by ChocolateTurtlez
Squad members include Alivevicbigfire123, iiZachUnicorn, and SparkDragonXx
Squad two:
Led by NeuroticEnd
Squad members include Sacrednite4, PaperHarmony, and Hubbawubba
Squad three:
Led by robloxcrazy22
Squad members include Camo1484, PauseRewind, and ctorsten123
Squad four:
Led by WiseFries
Squad members include 2011jasonalt, Raslito and Sandfall123
Do you think you deserve to be on the team but aren't listed? Replacements are possible but unlikely; also, if a member leaves TMT or goes inactive there will be an available slot!

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