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New Legendary Tributes

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Post by Shadowking272 on Fri Dec 19, 2014 3:46 am

Hello all, this is the first post in months, from anyone. It has been months since anyone has previously posted, unfortunately. I used to preside over a democratic voting system that people would watch and participate in a training hosted by supremes and then vote them in the categories, however that system has been rendered inefficient. Now I have, after months of watching, selected six new legendary tributes, those are:


-She is admirably active, has never broken my trust, very loyal


- He also has never broken my trust, is a veteran member who is loyal and has stuck to TMT through perilous times.


- Sandfall123, in additional to possessing militaristic prowess seems to be very loyal.


- JayDragon is active, has never broken my trust, and remains loyal to TMT


- Grapeoflife is responsible, active, and loyal


- He is a veteran member who has never broken my trust, seems loyal


- Back in '12 he'd be considered an immature, nooby traitor. Now he is extraordinarily trustworthy, is active, and very loyal

All six of these seem like the prime nominees, however, I do not know if their character is on par with my expectations.
They will be bound to TMT with loyalty once they recite the Pledge of Loyalty. Once they have done so I will watch them, their character, and test their hosting skills. If I find their performance unacceptable, I will be forced to downgrade their rank. Not everyone is ready for legendary.

There are two on High Watch, who I believe are either to be selected or are next in line:


Next in line is epicgirl441, who I believe is responsible, active, and loyal.

I also intend on anointing LordofExploiters as a legend although I want to give him a couple months, as he has rejoined TMT for the first time in over a year- we have a long history going back into an alliance with his group, and I trust him very much, and I know he has the proper leadership skill and has a fit character.

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