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2nd TMT Official HG

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2nd TMT Official HG Empty 2nd TMT Official HG

Post by Shadowking272 on Wed May 27, 2015 6:29 am

May The Odds Be Ever in Your Favour
On June 1st, Hunger Games Committee is established.

  • Chairman: Shadowking272
    Caesar Flickerman: Shadowking272
    Advisor(s): FlarePiano, fancybeb
    Head Builder: Tonethy
    Reserve Builder(s)/Scripter(s): Deathquota/JVman007
    *POSSIBLY*Gamemaker: TBD
    Resolution Panel: TBD
    Escort: TBD
    Peacekeeper(s): TBD
    Tributes: TBD
    District 1:
    District 2:
    District 3:
    District 4:
    District 5:
    District 6:
    District 7:
    District 8:
    District 9:
    District 10:
    District 11:
    District 12:

Now, onto the duties of them. If the name is highlighted in orange that means you can't be tribute:
Chairman: Head of the operation and ultimately decide everything(letsbehonest)
Caesar Flickerman: Interviews tributes.
Advisors: Give ideas, help coordinate, give requests
Head Builder: Head of building, responsible for much if not all of the construction of the place.
Reserve Builder/Scripter: A backup there need be, can build and script but wont necessarily contribute directly
*Possibly*Gamemaker: Responsible for the disasters during the match.. It has to be reasonable.
Resolution Panel: The following questions will be answered by them:

  • What biome will the arena be?

  • What is the layout of the arena?

  • What time and day will the reaping and HG be held?

In addition, the panel will decide minor things like at what pace the day/night script will move, for example.
Escort: Responsible for reading the names off, I may assume this role if no one I trust is at this position.
Peacekeeper(s): This is unnecessary, but anyone who just wants to stand around in an intimidating manner during the reaping can take this position, I may scrap the idea as it's unnecessary.
Tributes: Contestants in the 2nd official TMT HG.

Reaping: June ?, 2015
Interviews: June ?, 2015
Warm-up HG: June ?, 2015
Official HG: ? ?, 2015
All-group HG: ? ?, 2015

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