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Welcome to The Master Tributes forums. If you are reading this, it means you are an OFFICAL member of The Master Tributes. Still, even if you are a member of one of the most elite and tightly-bound groups in Roblox, you must remember, there are RULES TO FOLLOW Failure to follow these rules will result in dire consequences. You don't want to know what these consequences are. So, let's start this off, shall we? THE RULES OF CONDUCT OF THE MASTER TRIBUTES: 1. Swearing is allowed, just don't overdo it. As in, don't swear because swearing is "cool". 2. Absolutely NO SPAMMING. Only the admins can do that. If they're bored. 3. Nothing obscene. Nothing nude, nothing gory. And absolutely NO PORN. We can make exceptions for softcore, though. 4. NO TROLL LINKS! i.e. Links to screamers, shockers, viruses, adware, all that crap that scarred you as a kid on the internet. (2G1C, anyone?) 5. No flaming. Racism is allowed on a humorous scale; provided the one getting jokes thrown at him/her laughs at it, too. 6. No advertising. No advertising other groups, no advertising your awesome Youtube account, no nothing. This isn't a damn marketplace. 7. HAVE FUN! Don't go around the forums being all gloomy and stuff. Socialise, make new friends! This is what forums are about! Thank you for your time. Enjoy your stay in the stronghold of The Master Tributes -Krelgrim Admin, TMT forums