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Fort Rules

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Fort Rules Empty Fort Rules

Post by Shadowking272 on Sat Jun 20, 2015 12:16 am

- There must be at least five TMT(including a HR(3)+) and three raiders for the raid to be considered official.
- Raid time shall not exceed 2 and a half hours;  the raid will then be declared a TMT victory.
- If someone does legitimately admin abuse, show me an image or video of the incident and I will reprimand them.
- There are two types of raids at this Outpost: Objective-Based Raid, and Kill-Based Raid. The default type of raid is the former; you must request a kill-based raid if you want to participate in that type of raid instead, and you must have my personal consent.
- You must schedule a raid with me, and it  must have earned my consent twenty four hours or more prior.
- Empty server raiding is not condoned.
- Hacking or Exploiting will result in a permanent ban.
- Spamming and flamming is prohibited.
- You are subject to all appropriate punishment due to infractions.
- I AM the law. You are under my jurisdiction here.

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